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01. Investment Facilitation

Investment facilitation at the WTO must be seen against the backdrop of the increasing and reinforcing relationship between trade and investment in the global economy, as well as their potential for development and economic growth.

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02. Sustainability

Trade and the WTO have an important role to play in national and global efforts to boost economic prosperity, foster social inclusiveness and strengthen environmental sustainability.

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03. E-commerce

Discussions on electronic commerce at the WTO gained momentum in 2016 and engagement remains high to date. Many ideas have been put forward by members on how the WTO should address e-commerce given the changing nature of trade.

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04. MSMEs

The subject of MSMEs has emerged as an active topic of discussion among WTO members. In May 2017, a group of 47 members (counting the EU member States individually), the so-called “Friends of MSMEs”, launched an Informal Dialogue to discuss how this issue could be addressed at the WTO in a coordinated manner.

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05. Global Trade & Blockchain Forum

The current platform provides a forum for a multi-stakeholder dialogue to discuss the practical and legal implications of blockchain for international trade. This platform is an initiative of ICC and the WTO, with the UN/CEFACT and WCO as strategic partners.

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