Trade and the WTO have an important role to play in national and global efforts to boost economic prosperity, foster social inclusiveness and strengthen environmental sustainability.

In recognition of this, WTO members have embarked on negotiations to improve disciplines on fisheries subsidies, open trade in environmental goods and further agricultural trade reform, among other initiatives. At the same time, WTO members continue to work to overcome some of the challenges of aligning trade and sustainable development policies, not least by ensuring that actions to achieve sustainability are coherent with an open and non-discriminatory global trading system and by supporting efforts by the most vulnerable countries to seize the growing trade opportunities arising from the transition to more sustainable and inclusive economies.

Apart from specific contributions of global trade rules to sustainable development, the multilateral trading system and the WTO bring predictability, security and fairness to international economic relations. This is particularly important for global and national development. It is crucial for States, individuals and private enterprises to keep strengthening and championing the system as called for at the UN SDG Target 17.10. Read more >>

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